Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ramblings of a SAHM #1

Photo found at vi.sualize.us

This is the kind of hair pulling I would enjoy. My body has been waking at six almost every morning so I get up take care of the garden, make sure animals are fed, then tidy up the house. Which never makes sense because it just gets messy again when the kids wake. I think I will start doing that at night. Anywho, I am bored. That's what this all comes down too.

I would love to find a job and have some outside stimulation. But then I get stuck in an argument with the man, who wants me to stay home for the kids. I would love to stay home for the kids and be that mom but it's just not me. I guess that makes me a horrible person for not wanting to stay home with the kids. The truth hurts, even for me. Because in the end I will probably end up sucking it up and doing what others think is best.

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