Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daisy's Questions


Well my lovers, 21 questions has been away for way to long. Really though ya know how hard it is to come up with 21 questions every week? Anyway tis the time to be dirty people! Grab my button, copy the questions, answer the fruck out of them and come back and link up! 

1. Sex in a cemetery or a Walmart bathroom?

I would have to say graveyard because walmart bathrooms are disgusting!!

2. Are you a voyeur or exhibitionist?

A little of both

3. Do you take dirty/sexy pictures of yourself with your cell?

Of course, all the time

4. If you were a hooker/pimp what would your name be?

Ginger ;-)

5. and how much would you charge?

200 an hour 

6. How long should foreplay last?

All day. Until you are ready to do the see you should be working that beforeplay

7. do you own any butt plugs?

No it would be interesting to try

8. Hotel Sex with the curtains open? Ever done it?

We have done it. 

9. Sex at the in-laws or parents of who you are dating?

Yuppers we like breaking in new houses

10. Feathers or Whips?

Both. There are so many sexual moods. Sometimes I like rough sometimes I like it soft

11. Would you let your partner shave you?

He actually did shave me in the beginning because I was afraid I would hurt myself. It was quite comical

12. Where is your favorite place to have sex?

Bedroom or a hotel

13. Do you remember your first time? 


14. Where was your first time and how was the sex?

It was my wedding night and it was crazy

15. role play for a minute? who would you be?

I can't role play without laughing
I would probably be a stripper

16. sex in front of a mirror?

Can be enjoyable

17. A song that makes you think of sex.

Can't think of one right now

18. Are you horny right now?

Yes very much so

19. What is your favorite body part on yourself and do you show it off?

My shoulders. Not as often as I would like

20. Edible panties? Tried them?

I have tried them and they just get in the way

21. I need some questions, what do you want to know?

Would you ever pierce a body part to make sex more exciting?

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Daisygirl said...

only 200 an hour!!! ??? Ginger is a hot name! and I would have to say the Walmart bathroom loses on this edition!

Thanks for linking up Happy Humpday!