Saturday, June 25, 2011

Question: do you really care?

Ok all of you bloggers and commanders out there. I have a question for you. When you visit a blog and comment do you:

A - like it when the author responds to your comment


B - care less if the author recognizes your comment

Just something I was curious about.

Also want to share this video, introduced to me by Cinful Cinnamon, because it was awesomely hilarious. We should all love our vaginas if not others ;-)


KLo said...

I like it when the author responds to my comments ... it's nice to know that he or she actually took the time to read it.

Of course, I'm not always great about responding to comments on my own blog, so, uh, maybe I'll need to do something about my egregious hypocrisy in this area ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is always nice when the author I was cracking up, funny video Y

SB said...

Thanks for responding to my question!!

That video is pretty funny isn't it?! Who knew the vagina could have so many names lol

Anonymous said...

I like it when the author responds if I've said something worth commenting back to. I try to reply to comments via e-mail when I can. But sometimes a simple comment doesn't warrant or need a response. (i.e. when I say "good article" I don't expect an e-mail with a simple "thank-you")

John said...

I do like to see comments. To me, it makes blogging more personal to get a message from the author. (but as D. stated, if the comment warrants one of course).

Great video. ;)