Monday, June 13, 2011

Batman, yes!

While away I bought my man some of these because I have never seen him wear briefs. Is that what they are called? They were so freaking hot that I couldn't stop staring at him.

Original,Filter: X-Process,Snapbucket

We ended up not waiting for the kids to go to bed and jumped each other. We did so many different positions that I was gushing in pleasure. We ended with my favorite and his too. The kids came explained about a mess that needed to be cleaned so we took care of it and went back for more.

As soon as we were behind locked doors it began all over. I couldn't stop. I had to have every piece. So glad to be home.

Frame: Film Roll,Snapbucket,Filter: Color Negative,Effect: Purple Leak,Original

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John said...

Nice pics... Love how your new tat glows. Very sexy!