Saturday, June 18, 2011

9-Function Playful Curve - Review #3

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I love receiving new toys and experiencing the different shapes and functions it provides. I have yet to find a toy that makes me orgasm internally but with some clitoris play they all have me gushing.

My favorite part about this toy is the pointy end. You can rub it in between your lips and around your clit and it will feel like a finger paying special attention to each part of the pussy. The different pulsatilla make it so much better.

I tried this in bed and in the shower. While in bed I wasn't quite wet enough to play internally, hard to believe I know, so I got some really good action on my clit but in the shower it worked wonders. It would be nice to have it a little bit thicker in width but the point and the vibration make up for that.

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(words in bold is my opinion on details)

* Bulk Weight: 2.4(oz) / 0.07(kg)Easy to manage

* Silky smooth Satin Finish™, high intensity This toy is nice and smooth but if you are wanting to take this toy inside your lips I would suggest being extremely wet or have some lube nearby

* 9 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation The different vibrations were great foreplay to tickle my pussy and get it ready for the real deal. In the end I would just use the first three vibrations. Really don't need extra to climax.

* Easy push button activation Definitely easy to turn on and off bit again, depending on what setting you are on, it might take a while to turn off. Which can be annoying if you need it off pronto when kids enter the room. Sidenote: always make sure door is locked.

* EZ load battery sleeve

* Satin Finish™/ABS with PU Cote (massager) ABS (cap)

* 2 AAA batteries They are not included so be sure to have your own

* 6.5”x 1.25”/ 17 cm x 3 cm Length is well liked especially when you want the feeling o having something slide in and out of you

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