Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wicked Wednesday

One Crazy Brunette Chick

It is Wicked Wednesday and another free topic so I am choosing to talk about going commando, which is being inspired by Hubman.


I don't know about YOU but I think going commando is wickedly sexy. It screams, 'I am ready to be fucked.' I personally have not gone commando that much unless I am visiting the man at work or we are going out to have some fun. When I go commando I tend to get dripping wet and it is not exactly fun after awhile unless someone cleans it up. ;-)

Now thinking about a guy going commando is extremely hot!! My hubby has done it a few times and I have enjoyed unzipping his pants to see a great surprise. Delicious!

I am curious on what people think about going commando. Hot or Not so Hot? Have you done it?

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lonewolf said...

I've personally never gone commando, but I always loved the idea of doing it. It's so...naughty. The idea that people look at me and see a sweet innocent young woman, and don't know that under my skirt is bare. See, now I wanna do it!

Anonymous said...

I go commando all the time. I love it. It DOES feel sexy, not to mention no stress over visible panty lines ;)

J loves it!

Miss C said...

I've never gone cammando. Probably should try it sometime though.

singedwingangel said...

Actually that is how I am 99 % of the time. I learned a long time ago that underwear are promoters of infection and smells. That area needs air and lots of it circulating to stay clean and fresh. So I am usually commando unless it is a certain time of the month..

Hubman said...

I'm glad I could inspire you! And funny thing, I'm actually going commando today.

If you need, I'd be happy to clean you up, Ms Drippy :-)

SB said...

Lonewolf- try it, you might like it

D Scandal- that is a perk to no panties, no panty lines. Lol explains why you had so much laundry the other night ;-)

MissC- I would have thought you headed the commando party :-p it really is nice and something everyone should try at least once

Singewingangel- I would of never thought of that. Makes complete sense!

Hubman- I knew you were commando from your tweeds today ;-). Would love to have your help to clean me up

Thanks everyone for your comments I really appreciate hearing other's pointof view