Thursday, July 7, 2011

HNT - tummy

This is my hardest
Where my worries all come to a head
My nerves peak
And I hold my breath
Waiting for a response

This is where I have a hard time with self acceptance
Yes I had been stretched by four beautiful babes
Yes I have been enjoyed by a loving man
Beauty has come from me
From my tummy

But it still makes me hide
Makes me worry
Holding my breath
Waiting for my loving response

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Jezzy said...

wow what a beautiful tummy, your story could be mine word for word and i can't wait until my tummy looks like that. after four babies i wasn't even sure it was possible.

thank you for the encouragement today. xxx - Jezzy

Osbasso said...

Tummys are always a constant source of angst, aren't they?

Yours is nice!

Molls said...

Obasso is right. Why does everyone always antagonize over their tummy?
And yours is nice!

Gucci Mama said...

Gorgeous! I wish mine looked like that after babies!

KLo said...

You captured a great deal of philosophy here with both your words and your picture :-)

singedwingangel said...

I want my tummy to look like yours and I only had 3 babies.. granted I gave birth to linebackers but still. Beautiful words as well I think as mommas we always feel that way. Well we normal, not filthy rich and famous enough to pay for personal trainers and such mommas

Miss C said...

You have a beautiful tummy. I wish mine looked like that and I haven't even had any babies.

SB said...

Thanks everyone for your awesome response. I really appreciate it.

I guess it is not so much the tummy as it is the stretch marks that are all over the place. Even if I did get it flatter the marks would still be there taunting me.

Thanks again. You all rock my socks off!!

Vixen said...

Love what you said...embrace.


Anonymous said...

Your loving man is very lucky!!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

I think you have a very sexy tummy...