Sunday, July 3, 2011



Ever since getting my tattoo life has been different. Not so different in the way I do things but different for when I am around people. I just feel different. I suppose it is not all because of the tattoo but that is when I started noticing a change.

I have told my mom about the tattoo. She was at our families reunion, which we couldn't make it too, and she showed my brothers and their wives. Now I feel different towards them. Not that I ever talked to them to begin with. Maybe holidays or birthdays. The funny thing is I would send emails and texts letting my siblings know how much I love and miss them. (that's a totally different topic) I don't talk much on the phone because it makes me uncomfortable but I would still communicate. No response. Not even an I love you too.

This feeling is not just limited to my family but those around me. I guess all in all I am growing distant. Distant from people, distant from my life. I don't want to go to church. I don't want to be around people just to keep up appearances.

It makes me question my life. I know there is two things I want always in my life and that is my husband and my kids the rest can. . . . . . .

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