Saturday, July 2, 2011


I love texting I am just going to put that out there. I love sexting, texting it is great foreplay and great fun during the day. Here is a silly conversation the man and I had. 

Husband - Watcha doin

Me- Weed 

H - No way.....when did you get into that?

M - End of may

H - And you barely tell me about it now?

M - Some things are better left unsaid

H - Oh. So should I feel betrayed or betrothed

M - Are you seeing someone else

H - Not really. so I guess I'll feel betrayed and not betrothed

M - Ok

H - I'm just wondering how I handle your new addiction

M - Baby steps

H - That actually turns me on slightly
I just have one question for you

M - Yeah? Baby steps? Does it tickle your cock a little

H - It mainly tickles my anus

M - Well that is exciting. Be sure to clean the beads after

H - Oh I am supposed to be playing?

M - I figure if it's tickling something you might want to itch

H - Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
But I think I'll resist this time around

I seriously wasnt planning on having this crazy conversation, those are usually the best, but it was hilarious playing with it. 

And just for an FYI I was pulling weeds out from the garden not actually doing it. 

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