Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Extreme Pure Gold Leopard Mask & Whip

I have gotten something new and different. Usually I get vibrators of some shape or size but this time I got accessories to wear and play with. 

I love the colors, the animal print and the visions of a good time I get when I look at this toy. When I look at the shiny gold and silver animal print it makes me want to let out my inner animal and growl. Cheesy, I know. 

I have yet to try this out with the man (sexual slump) but I have put on the mask and flashed the whip around to see how it would feel. The masks material that goes against the face is leather like and it felt cool in the beginning but after taking pictures and wearing it, it started making my face sweat. I can understand having sex and sweating but I wore it for maybe ten minutes. I was curious about the whip and if it would hurt but it didn't. The whip sparked just enough to make it enjoyable and not overly painful. Then again it depends on the strength of the person using it. 

The details of this toy are:

Bulk Weight: 3.4(oz) / 0.1(kg)
Stretch-to-fit eye mask with soft comfortable lining
Sturdy fetish whip
Opulent metallic and velvet leopard print
PU and Resin Fiber (mask) Polyester (elastic) Nickel-Free Copper (rivets) Cotton (mask lining) PU (whip, hang loop)
15”/ 38 cm (whip)

I would recommend this toy to people because it is fun, it is light and it can really spice up boring bedroom sex. I would even recommend getting a sexy outfit to go with it. 

To find out more you can go here

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