Friday, April 8, 2011

Tragic Heartache

I took a nice long hot bath last night. Getting lost in a book is a great escape for me. I ventured to the bed in my towel and laid reading.

My husband came in with our youngest and we visited while the child crawled around and played. He decided to walk around me, who knows what he was thinking, not realizing how close the side of the bed was and fell straight to the floor before I could catch him. I was the first to him, grabbing him, trying to comfort him. He would not have me. He looked at me as if I was the one that hurt him and my heart ached. I wanted to comfort, be close, take his pain away but he would not have me. He went to my husband crying still looking at me as if I were evil.

Today as the family is away and it is just him and I he keeps his distance and won't let me touch him and show him that I love him. He is my baby and my last, this hurts me.

How am I to compare when he is his daddy's boy?!

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John said...

Similar thing happened to me. He pushed me away and went to mom. He goes back and forth depending on his mood I guess, but I know how it feels.