Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Minute

Monday Minute

I love some Monday Minute! Go visit The DDoR

1 - Think back as far as you can, what's the first tape, record, etc you remember listening to?

I believe it was a Debbie Gibson tape

2 - What's the first concert you've ever been to, the year and Who performed?

The first concert I think was at a state fair and one of the performers was Trisha Yearwood

3 - Ever bleed from your ass?

Lol dont we all 

4 - If you went to your Senior Prom and had a date, do you still speak to said person?

I did go to my senior prom and I don't really talk to him but he is on my Facebook. Does that count?

5 - Name the one television show that's no longer on the air that could have gone on forever. 

Hmmmmm Saved By The Bell would have been good Mark-Paul is a hunk

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